Edition V

Artistic Theme



Proposed by Ankara Musik Festival

Ankara, Turkey

Composition for for wind quintet:

  • Flute (only the standard concert flute in C; no other instruments from the flute family
  • Oboe (no other instruments from the oboe family like cor anglais, oboe d’amore etc.)
  • Horn (double horn)
  • Clarinet (only the clarinet in Bb or in A; no other instruments from the clarinet family)
  • Bassoon (no double bassoon as well as other instruments from the bassoon family)


Water, element sine qua non of the life, was also since ancient civilizations a source of physical, visual and auditive pleasure. As well in the ancient East as in Rome, baths, fountains, pools, impluvium, were elements of richness and moral and physical comfort. The gardens of the Renaissance were decorated with extremely astute water works, monumental fountains and grottos where water circulated in thousand ways defying all the imagination, and by which the princes and their visitors delighted. In Far East, in China in particular under the dynasty of Ming the gardens were organized around stretches of water, sources of serenity and places of profound meditation. These surfaces or courses of water reinforced also ambient moisture thus supporting luxuriant vegetation.

A little later, during the Great century in the West, in Europe, the royal castles and those of notables embellished by the water stretches, fountains, pools and water jets. A practice spread in all Europe. The thermal cities counted among the principal destinations of the travellers for centuries until our days.

But concurrently to this so to speak tamed water, there are also, seas and oceans, lakes and ponds, river and falls. Sometimes they are peaceful, often difficult, and especially unforeseeable, changing. Water is some times an ocean isolating such island or even a continent; some times a river separating two regions, two nations, two countries.  Or it is an element of defence circumventing the castles of ancient times, crossed only by one drawbridge.  However these seas and rivers are also routes transportation which one cannot do without.

Water decides our lives of the every day, with all kinds of atmospheric phenomena related to its natural cycle: clouds and rains, storms and fogs, winds and waves…

Finally water is some times the first name of a woman… (Turkey, Vietnam)

This water is sung in the music for a very long time: from G. F. Handel to Vaughan Williams, by Respighi, Ravel, Debussy and others…  Many composers are inspired by it. But that should not prevent the young composers from always drawing there new prospects, inspiration and illuminations. All the more in addition to its inherent characteristics and aesthetics, water is nowadays, a major ecological stake.

By proposing this theme of WATER, International Ankara Music Festival, (SCA Music Foundation) would like that one leans with new forms of expression on this vital element. As regards the form and duration of work to be commissioned one could propose a work from 8 to 12 minutes, for a small formation. (A wind quintet: flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon)


The Musicians

I Fiati Associati

The “I Fiati Associatiensemble was formed in 2009 out of the collaboration with some of the most important and renowned Italian musicians, well-known in the international scene, with the desire to create original projects.


LutosAir Quintet


The LutosAir Quintet was born from the association of five musicians brought together by their common love for music and vision of the arts. The ensemble consists of the soloists of the Wrocław Philharmonic Orchestra: Jan Krzeszowiec, Wojciech Merena, Maciej Dobosz, Alicja Kieruzalska and Mateusz Feliński. They have been playing together in various chamber ensembles and orchestras for years. At the invitation of the Polish Institute in Leipzig, LutosAir Quintet played a concert for over a thousand listeners. In 2014 years had the honor to represent Poland in the international project MusMA (The Music Masters on Air) and during the festival Vratislavia Cantans he played polish premiers of 4 woodwind quintets from different countries. LAQ also appeared on the international festival Szalone Dni Muzyki/La Journee Follee in Warsaw, during its American edition.LutosAir Quintet is one of the ensembles of the National Forum of Music.

I Solisti del Vento


«The wind ensemble I Solisti del Vento has been around for 25 years now. The anniversary was celebrated extensively this summer, with concerts, a book and a box with three CDs, published by a new -own- record label. Not an historical journey through the achievements of the ensemble is offered, but rather a palette of their latest activities. Three, fairly recent highlights of their musical performances. It is no exaggeration to state that I Solisti del Vento is by far the best wind ensemble of Belgium. And it has been that right from the beginning. The ensemble is a top-notch group of individual super talents. And that in a country that is already highly praised for its wind players. We cherish them more than our strings.»

Lucas Huybrechts – Cobra.be September 2013


Ad Hoc Wind Quintet

The Ad Wind Quintet was put together especially for the MusMA project. It is composed by Cem Önertürk (flute), Selçuk Akyol (oboe), Nusret İspir (clarinet), Ozan Evruk (bassoon) and Cem Akçora (horn).


On the web site of SCA Music Foundation, you may find a video on the MusMA V workshop and some hundred photographs taken during the sessions, at MusMA IV concert and the tour to the castle in Ankara.


Moderator: Hasan UÇARSU (www.hasanucarsu.com)

APRIL 23 Arrival of participants to Ankara

APRIL 24 Contemporary Arts Center of Çankaya District Municipality, Ankara

10:00-12:00 First session: Can Bekir Bilir

14:00 – 17:15 Second session: Orazio Sciortino and Daan Janssens

14:00 – 16:00 Coordination Meeting Hotel Holiday Inn

17:30 – 19:00 Welcome reception by SCA Music Foundation/Ankara Festival

20:00 – 22:00 Concert by Borusan Quartet (Beethoven’s string  quartets) at Bilkent Concert Hall


10:00 – 12:00 Meeting of radio representatives at Hotel Holiday Inn (This meeting is open also to festival directors or coordinators)

14:00- 17:15 Third session: Adrien Tsilogiannis and Mikolaj Majkusiak (90’)

20:30-22:30  MusMA IV Concert in the frame of 31rst Ankara International Music festival

Wrocłav Philharmonic Choir Soloists
Conductor: Agnieszka Franków-ŻelaznyWorks of: Daria Andovska, Yiğit Aydın, Franck Bovet, Ana Gnyatovic,  Frederik Neyrinck, Ricardo Piacentini, Agata Zubel,


9:30  Sightseeing and Ankara Castle visit

12:15  Lunch offered by SCA Music Foundation at Café And, in the castle

16:30- 17:30 Fourth Session Jani Golob

18:00 MusMA V Workshop Concert] ÇSM

Wind quintets of Can Bekir Bilir, Daan Janssens, Mikolaj Majkusiak, Orazio Sciortino, Keitaro Takahashi, Adrien Tsilogiannis, Jani Golob
Çağdaş Sanatlar Merkezi (ÇSM)

20:00  Formal Dinner offered by Mr. M. A. Başman Chairman of the Board of SCAMF (Invitation cards will be sent by e-mail and originals will be delivered during the workshop) at Hotel Hilton Ankara.


Departure of Participants