Edition: II

Skladateljica Nana Forte. V Ljubljani 20.10.2014

Nana Forte

Country: Slovenia

The Artist's Music


Nana Forte (*1981) graduated in composition from the Ljubljana Academy of Music in the class of Marko Mihevc in 2005. She continued her postgraduate studies at The Carl Maria von Weber University of Music, Dresden,Germany with Lothar Voigtländer. From October 2007, she furthered her knowledge of composition in a masterclass of composition at the University of Arts in Berlin led by the well-known composer Walter Zimmermann, where she finished her postgraduate studies in July 2009.


Her list of works includes compositions for solo instruments, chamber music, orchestral music and several pieces for choir. Her compositions are performed all over the Europe and have been presented in a variety of concerts, international festivals and competitions: Rheinsberger Pfingstwerkstatt Neue Musik, Germany,Weimarer Frühjahrstage für zeitgenössische Musik, Germany, The 24th Zagreb Music Biennale, Croatia, The Young Euro Classic 2007 Festival in Berlin, Germany, Festival Slowind 2008, Slovenia, The Randspiele Zepernick Festival, Germany, The 17th International Review of Composers in Belgrade, The 2nd Biennale of Contemporary Music Koper, Slovenia, Festival Radovljica Slovenia. Some of her choral pieces have been published and recorded. Nana Forte is one of the few young Slovenian composers devoting a great deal of attention to composing new works for choir. While studying, she worked with many Slovenian choirs and conductors and was awarded a number of prizes for her work in choral composition. In 2007, she was chosen to represent the Republic of Slovenia in the project “European Ensemble Academy”, organised by the German Music Council (Deutscher Musikrat) on the occasion of the German presidency of the European Union. Her piece “Chiming”, composed for a chamber ensemble especially for this event, has been performed in Dortmund, Bremen, Ljubljana, Rome and Brussels.In August 2007, her orchestral composition “Genesis” was performed at the festival “Young Euro Classic” in Berlin by the Ljubljana Music Academy Orchestra conducted by George Pehlivanian, with soloists Jože Kotar and Borut Zagoranski. In the same year, she also presented her choral piece Libera me at the Zagreb Music Biennale in Croatia. In November 2008, her composition  “O smrti “ sonnet for wind quintet and percussion was performed at the Slowind Festival in the Philharmonic Hall in Ljubljana and was chosen to represent Slovenia at the International Rostrum of Composers, held in June in Paris. In May 2010, her composition v lovljenju besed med izštevanjem tišine for flute and soprano was awarded the first prize at the 2nd Biennale of Contemporary Music in Koper.

Notes on the Musma Composition

A Broken Car” As a composer, I often search for silence − every nook of a city is filled with varieties of music from loudspeakers, rumbling noise of machines and the sound of street traffic. Even in nature, you can hardly find a hidden, quiet place without some distracting sounds from the distance. Modern technology has become an indispensable part of our urban environment and is strongly affecting our lifestyle and also our sound environment. The world is changing really fast, we can easily move around the globe with inconceivable speed, sometimes even time seems running faster. But what happens when technology fails − for example, if your car breaks down? In my composition, I try to catch this moment. It is a moment filled with anger and frustration in which we realize, how much we depend on modern technology and how inefficient we become, when technology fails …