Jean-François Jung

Country: Belgium

The Artist's Music


Jean-François Jung is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, where he obtained his master’s degree in 2017 in the class of Daniel Capelletti.


For many years, the young composer and choral conductor Jean-François Jung has been working in the vocal and choral repertoire. Having been himself a chorister, he is a choirmaster (Metz (2000-2005), Gespunsart (2009-2014), Genval since 2014), school director (Homécourt, (2005-2009)) and composer of vocal pieces and instrumental. He creates musical tales (“The bird, the child and the flute”, …), a chamber opera after an Ardennes legend (“the castle of Titoré”) for choir of children, soloists and small ensembles , a fantasy for voice and piano (“Transparencies”, 2015), “No! “, String quartet composed for the attention of the Tana Quartet and symphonic works (including” Valse Liegeoise or Viennese Waffle “, creation for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Liege in 2017)

As attracted by the act of creating the sound than by the sound itself, I use music as an interpretation, an accompaniment of other sensory perceptions but also as a way to share emotions with the protagonists of the musical adventure. My synesthesia is an inexhaustible source of freedom and will to create.

Each piece has its own language and its questioning. How can we combine our contemporary sensitivities and our rich heritage? What place is there for each voice in our sonic world? How to transcribe a musical gesture, an energy? What can we consider today as music instrument ? As a musical genre?

Notes on the Musma Composition

“The formidable mill” a collapsological allegory for SATB, narrator, and mechanical metronome.

Based on “the cursed mill” a legend from the Ardennes & “Miller you are asleep” a French folk tune