Edition: VIII

Eliott Delafosse

Eliott Delafosse

Country: Belgium

The Artist's Music

Soon to be released.


Eliott Delafosse has grown up surrounded by jazz and classical music. He began his musical education on guitar by playing blues and popular musics as well as attending a classical course at the Conservatoire of Fontenay-sous-Bois. This academic approach combined with a personal work and curiosity not only allowed him to integrate jazz and rock bands but also to work on the traditional solo repertoire.

Eliott studied musicology at the Sorbonne University to refine his knowledge of harmony, analysis and music history. In the meanwhile, he started electronic music by himself, experiencesd beatmaking within a hip hop collective, and won the NouvOson price from Radiofrance. A personal side-project emerged from these experiences under the alias Cucaracha, in which he still explores the possibilities of electronic music and their borders.

He is still completing his training by joining the Conservatoire Royal de Mons in Denis Pousseur’s composition class, to study the relation between music and images, in the fields of movies, theater and video games mainly. On the other hand, he attends the Claude Ledoux’s composition class, dedicated to contemporary music and which opens up a philosophical and espitemological process. These two complementary approaches and the advices of Jean-Luc Fafchamps in composition, Victor Kissine in orchestration and Dominique Nasta in dramaturgy theory, allow him to broaden his horizons.


Fascinated by neuropsychology, Eliott Delafosse wants to achieve an ideal, a contemporary music that appeals to the audience perceptions by combining traditional and popular music. This goal is expressed in his different projects : soundtracks for short-movies of Méliès animation school and IAD students, a collaboration with a Buto dancer in Japan, a theater music for director Sylvie Landuyt, and music performances in Mons, in Darmstadt and in London by David Cohen & Brexchange Cello Ensemble. He currently writes for the Ensemble 21, conducted by Marc Collet.

Notes on the Musma Composition

Work in progress. Soon to be released.