Edition: VI

Arda Agosyan composer

Arda Agosyan

Country: Turkey

The Artist's Music



Armenian-born Turkish bassist and composer.


Works at the Istanbul University State Conservatory as a research assistant.

Notes on the Musma Composition

The Third Fall portrays the before and after of Jesus’ third fall whose theme is taken from the Way of the Cross in the Bible. The composition opens in medias res and includes flashbacks that connect today and Jesus’ cruxification over 2000 years ago. The sounds coming from the time of His cruxification, including the removal of His veil, His nailing on the Cross and the placing of the crown of thorns on His head, and the voice of the people of our time praying mix together and melt in the same pot. Vexilla Regis, an old Latin hymn, uses this theme, which is in turn employed by Franz Liszt in his magnificent work of the same name for solo piano. Based on Franz Liszt’s composition, my work is written for four cellos. Players not only play the cello but also simultaneously sing the main theme.